More details about us..

“TJPhotos” are freelance photographers who have covered a lot of different events. But were still trying to keep our service, At the hobby level which keeps the fun in our service and the value in our prices. 90% of our printing is done by a Photo lab giving you the best value for your dollar. But still keeping a quick turn around of your requirements.

We Jill (my sister), Robbie (my brother) & Myself enjoy getting out to all of the events we cover. We cover any thing people want us to take photos of Speedway, Car shows, Horse shows, Balls / formals, Animal shows, Rallies, Families, Weddings, Portraits, ………. the list goes on … As said in the past we will take photos of any thing that moves or doesn’t… (Now days we’re limiting the time we spend at events to keep the enjoyment in what we do)

In the race season of 2003-2004 I started covering Motor Speedway action, A special thanks to B Hopping who gave me a opportunity to explore this area. We feel that we are starting to cover a whole range of new and exciting events. Check out our photos to see what we have been upto lately. The collage pages have been a great way for drivers to give something special back to the sponsors

Due to the large range of events we are now covering. Viewing of thumbnails can be done by web site or by contacting us and we will sort out the best way to view the thumbnails you are looking for.